Ryan J. Rutledge

Ryan J. Rutledge Ryan J. Rutledge started working at Mills, Shay, Lexier & Talbot under the Rural Lawyer Pilot Project after finishing his second year at the University of Maine School of Law. Prior to attending the University of Maine School of Law, Mr. Rutledge earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Central Florida with a Major in Philosophy and Minor in Energy and Sustainability. Mr. Rutledge is currently finishing his final year of law school and has significant interests in many areas of law commonly encountered by firms engaged in the general practice of law.

General interests include, but are not limited to: contracts, family law, real estate, boundary disputes, criminal law, and natural resource law.

Originally from Savannah, Georgia, Mr. Rutledge is often asked to explain why he and his wife chose to live and work in Maine. He will tell you that Maine’s friendly, hardworking people and naturally beautiful communities are responsible for the admiration and respect he quickly developed for the State of Maine. After a trip to Maine several years ago Mr. Rutledge and his wife decided to quit their jobs, moved to Maine, and never looked back.

Ryan J. Rutledge

Mills, Shay, Lexier & Talbot Areas of Practice

Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents Personal Injury Cases
Wrongful Death Cases Divorce and Custody Disputes
Drug Offenses and All Criminal Matters Parental Rights
Elder Law and Probate / Estate Planning Construction Contracts
Discrimination Claims Workers’ Compensation
Drunk Driving Real Estate
Social Security Disability Malpractice Cases

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