Domestic Violence

Domestic ViolenceMy wife got a protection from abuse order telling me to stay away from her, but she keeps calling me. It’s okay for me to talk to her , isn’t it?

No, it’s not!

A Protection From Abuse order is an official order of the court, not a private letter from your wife that she can change as she pleases.

It is a one-way order that prohibits you, not her, from making contact. If she calls you up or comes to see you and you talk with her, then you can be arrested for violating the order. She will not be arrested because the order is not against her.

As unfair as this situation may seem, protection from abuse orders are generally issued for good reason and they cannot be changed until the hearing date.

A protection from abuse order is issued by the court to protect one party–or the party’s children–from alleged abuse by another household member. Once it is served on you, you have to obey the order until it is changed or dismissed by the court. You will have a chance to tell the judge your side of the story at a hearing that is held within twenty-one days.

The courts take these proceedings very seriously because so many domestic quarrels end up with people seriously hurt or killed and their children injured or traumatized for life. More than half of the homicides in Maine so far this year have been acts of domestic violence.

These tragedies are preventable. Protection from abuse orders require that people have a cooling off period so they won’t lose their temper and do something they will regret later. In a sense, these orders are for everyone’s benefit.

So, remember, if an order is served on you, you can be arrested for making contact with your spouse, even if she calls you and you speak with her.

It’s the law!

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