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We are a firm of experienced trial attorneys established in Skowhegan, Maine since 1952. We handle cases throughout Maine, including courts in Skowhegan, Farmington, Waterville, Augusta, Dover-Foxcroft, Newport, and Bangor. We will represent you in any of Maine's sixteen counties.

While we frequently handle complex civil and criminal cases, we regularly handle routine accident claims, criminal cases, and workers' compensation matters. We are in court nearly every day. Members of our firm have over 100 years of combined trial experience. We enjoy the challenge of both simple and complex cases. Although we believe that negotiating settlements can be as important as aggressive trial skills, we pride ourselves on making focused and forceful presentations on behalf of our clients in open court.

Can They Do That?

Answers to some common questions about Maine laws from civil rights to grandparents rights to Miranda rights... get the answers.
Drunk Driving OUI Drunk Driving - License Suspension
I was stopped for drunk driving. The District Attorney didn't bring any charges against me, but the Secretary of State suspended my license anyway! Can they do that?
Yes they can! Maine law allows the Secretary of State to suspend your driver's license for ninety days on a first offense OUI even if you are acquitted of the underlying criminal charge. In fact, you can lose your license administratively even if you are never charged with the criminal offense. continue...

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice
My husband had surgery almost four years ago and he has been sick ever since. I don't think the surgeon did a very good job and we want to sue the surgeon for pain and suffering. We can still sue, can't we?
No, you can't! The statute of limitations for medical malpractice is only three years from the date of the alleged malpractice.... continue...

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